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Updated: Jul 13, 2018

What secrets hold you captive, dare to tell, dare to explore. Be inspired to be transformed.

Welcome to my blog post. Many times in life we have dreams and aspirations, and many times in life; life just happens. Over the past 7 years I have struggled to make the dream of becoming a great author come true.

I am pleased to announce that I have not only one book due to release in late October early November, but two. Imagine me, "Angela S. Kennedy". I guess dreams do come true after all.

Here are two excerpts of my long awaited books - one fictional, and one transformational.

Book 1

"Family Secret"

Lamia crouched down in the corner of her dimly lit room; with her eyes shut tight, she could envision the pale yellow walls covered with pictures of angels that seem to come alive at night and dance for her. In the corner hung a picture of her younger brother Mikel. She had never met him, but her mother Francis Wiltern would tell her wonderful stories about Mikel, and how she had the same curly Solomon blonde hair as her brother. Her cocoa colored skin and blue eyes reminded her mother of the majestic angel that would visit her during her pregnancy. Her mother once told her that the visions of angels was something that only happened during her pregnancies. There was something odd about the way she could communicate with her while still in the womb, as if she possessed some type of telepathic power. It wasn't until the day of delivery that Francis realized that she carried two beautiful baby girls. She was informed that the other baby didn't make it. In fact, Doctor Morrison expressed his deepest sympathy and stated the child never formed beyond a mass of flesh. As a baby, Lamia instinctively knew her destiny would change the lives of everyone around her - she wasn't sure how she knew, but what she did know was that her twin sister that shared the space between her mother’s breast was still alive.

Book 2.

"Just Ask"

I will start this book like anything and everything I’ve ever started, with a vengeance with great thought and the desire to make an impact on the world, but like anything and everything I’ve ever started there will be those brief pauses because I always feel like if I go to fast you might miss something or I could leave something out, so bear with me. Have you ever wanted to make a difference, to be relevant, to leave something behind when you closed your eyes to this world and opened them in the next life? As a child I always felt that there was something more, something calling me into greatness and beckoning me to explore the outer limits and move past the boundaries of what is thought to be the norm. I mean really, who decided what was normal anyway, conforming to a standard that is typically expected? That within itself seems a bit boring and sits on the lap of total restlessness, knowing that there is something more to do, more battles to be won, more books to be written, more bright ideas to be invented. The thought that we hold the ability to tap into a power source that could light up the world is one of the most exciting things imaginable.

Of course there is much more to the stories and I can't wait for you to lose yourself in the pages of what I call the tales of two stories. Until then just know that I am on the journey of my life and I want to take you with me, so ask me how...

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