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Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Dream the impossible, climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest sea, the world belongs to you. You have the power to be whomever or whatever you want to be and more!

If I were to tell you my story would you care, would you stop to listen, would you take the time to hold my hand? If your answer is yes, I personally want to thank you. It takes a lot of love and compassion for people to give of themselves, to go the extra mile, and most times while we say yes; let the dust meet the road and our true character is revealed. Sometimes you may have to walk alone. Stroll and smell the roses and enjoy the journey.


One day while looking in the mirror "YOU" realized "YOU" don't know who "YOU" are. The portrait that others had painted of "YOU" was so distorted that "YOU" questioned your very existence. A life time of graffiti, where do "YOU" start?


Straighten your back and stand tall, the world will never see your beauty if "YOU" are always looking down.

See the portrait framed in the mirror?

A beautiful creation reflects the flawless Mona Lisa, “YOU.”

A Masterpiece painted so long ago tattered by life,

revealed the edges only needed a slight dusting.

Look in the mirror and "YOU" will see the canvas that holds the picture of the most beautiful being. “YOU.”

Be inspired to be transformed

This poem has been copy written and exclusively belongs to the author Angela S Kennedy ©

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