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Life after Death

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Life before death is much different than life after death

One of the greatest traumas imaginable is when parents have to deal with the death of a child. The emotional blow can lead to can lead to psychological and physiological problems/damage but, “There is life after this.” When my 1st born and the only son died, I thought I couldn't go on, I didn't want to go on. without warning my 35-year-old son laid on my couch, went to sleep and never woke up. After the autopsy, I was informed that he died of an enlarged heart, Imagine that, and I was left here. to suffer through the worst heartache ever. 2 years later even though I still cry, I still scream "this anit fair," grabbing my chest in agony, I know that there is life after death.

I'm not talking about his life after death, because even though I've heard many stories' of those who have died and returned to tell you their story; that is not an experience that I've lived through and frankly at this point in my life, while I still have breath in my body I chose to live and leave that experience to later. My story is about my life after my son Danny's death. I'm grateful that I am here to tell you my story, take you on my journey and to let you know that there is life after this. ASK me.

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