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Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you could taste it? The sweet taste of grandma’s apple pie filled with large granny smith apples, packed with brown sugar and creamy butter. Your eyes make the connection with your mouth, as saliva forms in the corner of your lips, waiting for this hot awesome goodness to exit the oven; or the slurp of your momma’s homemade creamy ice cream, flavored with fresh Dixie peaches. You imagine the smooth cold texture touching your lips as this delicious sweetness awakens the anxiously awaiting tiny taste buds on your tongue. Because of your previous experiences, your imagination formed pictures that are etched in your mind and firmly rooted in your memory. 

The memory of your minds imagination fell in love with the dark side of his or her innocence, and the pain that they carried became invisible to your heart, you felt the pounding of each beat against your chest, and even though your emotions screamed, “danger,” your mind created a beautiful La Vie painting that you widely regarded as one of your greatest treasures in spite of what everyone said. You are able to see the beautiful qualities that shaped aesthetic senses that would suggest otherwise to the rest of the world, simply because your mind believed in the imagination of an intense feeling of deep affection.

Have you ever heard that we live out of our mind and that we are able to create our destiny and fulfill our deepest desires? I know you heard the old saying, “the mind is a terrible thing to waste.”  Are you aware that when you start thinking about something, good or bad, you draw that energy to you? Your mind has the ability to shifts you in the direction of either misery or ecstasy. Your mind is so powerful that it nourishes your emotions and controls your reality.

Did you know that your mind is the seat of consciousness and without it, you are not considered alive? Our mind regulates energy and extends beyond our physical self. With that being said, you cannot limit yourself to subjective understanding, you cannot be confined to the invisible eight by ten box that does not have the ability to bend and shape your new memories or open the pathways to your visions of success, love, prosperity, or the fulfillment of self-actualization.   

When you begin to understand that your mind has the ability to manifest life-changing experiences to achieve your goals. You discover your internal strength and the power to build monuments. Anything you want is actually within your reach, but we live in a right now world seeking immediate gratification. Learn how to control your mind and believe in yourself. Don’t allow your dreams to die with you and be buried in the grave because you didn’t take the time to smell the roses. It is a known fact that life happens;  we get so consumed in the would of, could of, should of’s, and because of this, we fail to thrive. 

You have the whole world at your fingertips, but you have to be prepared for the cuts and burses, you have to be prepared for the roadblocks. The massive obstruction of doubt, naysayers, heartbreaks, death, and much more. This is a part of life, it is those very roadblocks that make us who we are or whom we are destined to be. When life happens, you can’t let it break you, you have to make up your mind that you are worth the fight. 

I know first-hand because before I made up my mind, I almost lost myself, and everything that I thought I knew was wrapped in the pain of yesterday. While I did not achieve physical death, "Thank God," I did dance with the emptiness of whom I was meant to be. I didn’t lose my mind, because my mind is a terrible thing to waste. Live each day with purpose. Fulfill your dreams, believe in your awesome self, and make it count. “Just ASK!”


Angela S Kennedy

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